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  • resurfaced google maps
    ReSurfaced Surfaces on Google Maps

    The rate at which Google updates its aerial imagery is pretty amazing, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when we learned that you can now view the ReSurfaced initiative on Main Street in the lat...

  • Wild and Woolly
    Civic Identity and Our Sense of Place

    “The urban fabric contains symbols (icons) that tell us something about ourselves and something about those to whom the symbols belong. This aspect of the urban fabric has been called the glue that ...

  • Philadelphia Commercial Corner
    Great Streets Start with Strong Corners

    Monday, June 1, 2014 by Patrick Piuma Beautiful corner in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Queen Village Walkability has worked its way into the lexicon of cities looking to revitalize and attract tal...



Utilizing observation, research, and analysis to contribute to a better understanding of our built environment


Fostering community dialog through education and outreach on subjects related to urban design, sustainability, and community


Building community through neighborhood design facilitation, workshops, and open dialog to find solutions


Collaborating with the local community to improve the city now! through tactical urbanism interventions and experimentation