sc17Friday, June 10th 2011, 8:30 am - Noon
Glassworks, 815 West Market, Louisville, KY
Attendees Registered: 60

The way a community is designed can affect the health of its residents by encouraging walking, bicycling and other forms of physical activity. Everything from the location of stairways in buildings to the layout of streets can influence our ability to lead active, healthy lives.

This Sustainable City Series workshop provided hands-on demonstration of how Active Design Guidelines and other design techniques could be used to increase regular physical activity and healthy eating. Participants were introduced to tools and techniques that help incorporate physical activity into the built environment. It provided a new perspective on the design of buildings and transportation infrastructure and showed how area plans could provide opportunities for healthier living.

  • Jim Mims - Director, Louisville Metro Codes and Regulations
  • Dr. Matt Zahn - Acting Director, Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness
  • Dr. Karen Lee - Director, Built Environment Department of New York City
  • Patrick Nall - Principal, TBD+ Architects
  • Bill and Kent Weyland - CITY Properties Group