About UDS Mission


The mission of the Urban Design Studio (UDS) is to raise the communities awareness of better design practices for our built environment with a focus on moving our city and region towards a sustainable future. Through design charrette facilitation, workshops, meetings, classes and general outreach to the community, the UDS offers a central location to discuss issues in the community and work in a collaborative environment to come up with creative solutions for the betterment of all.

The UDS serves as a classroom, meeting point, resource base, and exhibition space. Professors and practitioners cultivate various research endeavors throughout the year and periodically join forces on special issues. The UDS frequently holds planning and design charrettes and discussion forums that help increase the level of public involvement. In addition, the UDS conducts research and spatial analysis, develops conceptual site plans, massing models and other analytical tools related to urban design, and produces graphics, maps and reports. Reaching out to broader audiences, the UDS also serves as a gallery space for exhibits of art, design, and urban planning-related works.

The ability to draw from a regional pool of talented professionals, academics and students provides the UDS with a unique ability to research and respond to a broad range of urban design issues.