wmitchellstaffpicWinston Mitchell is a Graduate Assistant at the Urban Design Studio and a student pursuing a Masters of Urban Planning from the University of Louisville.  Raised in the mountains of East Tennessee, he moved to Athens, Georgia where he earned his Bachelors of Landscape Architecture. Having grown up in the planned community of Kingsport, TN and traveling extensively throughout his childhood, he is interested in the components and histories of people and spaces that combine to make cities unique. Eventually, he hopes to work in the planning field to foster sustainable growth and redevelopment that enhances the character of urban spaces and the lives of those living within them while also referencing their history and staying true to their sense of place.


Patrick Piuma is the Director of the Urban Design Studio. He has a Master of Urban Planning degree from the University of Louisville. As the Director, Patrick's main concentration is on issues of sustainability and how the design of the built environment can improve the quality of life for its inhabitants. Before transitioning to the field of urban planning and design, Patrick worked as a multimedia, web and graphic designer for a local ad agency for the better part of seven years.